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What the Net can do for you

Like a yellow pages entry, newspaper or magazine advertisements, web pages can display images of your product, promotional material and contact information. Moreover, due to the nature of the medium, people who are looking at it are probably looking at it because they are interested. 8)
Always up to date, no need to reprint or do more mailings each time a correction or change is made. The level of interaction with customers is yours to decide. Phone-in orders, mail in orders, e-mailed orders, or allow web forms to directly interface with your order database.

News Gathering Services

Online Publications

Business Information

Financial Information

General Information

Basic Online Information


Browsers and viewers process the information on the net and present or render it into images, text, and sound on your computer.


Provider Directories

Local Providers


Online Culture

Comprehensive Sites

Comprehensive sites are those that attempt to catalog every other site on the internet. Links are categorized and grouped for convenient browsing.

Web Page Rating Services

Other Services

What I can do for you

Some Examples of my Work


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