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About CLW

CLW, of course, is the TLA for Carol Leon-Yun Wang. Probably more accurately rendered: Karol Leung-Wren Wong based on pronuciation, but nobody asked me how to spell things when it all became official 8).

I am an internet retailer and multimedia consultant/programmer with emphasis on internet and the web, graphics and animation. For more information about my technical qualifications, you might want a peek at my resume. As for my hobbies, I have many. Here's a pointer to one of my many blogs that lists some of them.

Friends and Family

My father, Dr. Chung-lie Wang, is a mathematician specializing in inequalities and fuzzy math (among other things). He is currently doing research and writing books (or running after his grandchildren 8) in Canada.

My mother, Caroline Wang, is a Chinese Brushwork Artist and teacher. IM(absolutely objective 8)HO her work is wonderful, but you can judge for yourself when I find the time to digitize a sample. Advice on photographing artwork (or photographer recommendations), most welcome.

My oldest brother, Alvin Wang, is a computer consultant currently working in San Francisco. His big obsession is with Dragon Boating.

My second brother, Brian Wang, was once a computer professional like the rest of us, but is now some big shot high tech futurist and executive for hire. He also lives in the Bay Area.

My mate, Mark James, is also a computer professional. Currently, he works for a video game company in Vancouver, called Radical Entertainment.

Now that the kids are older, I need to revise my personal 'net philosophies to respect their privacy (if it's not already far too late for that). So here's some slightly obscured information about them:


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